How to Choose a Sex Doll?

Have you made the decision to finally get a sex doll? Well, we understand how important a decision this must have been for you to satisfy your sexual desires. So, by now, you already have a picture of how you would like your love doll to look like. Yes, this is in fact a huge factor for anyone looking to get a sex doll. You shouldn’t spend too much on a sex doll that doesn’t fit within your interests.

That said, if you are ready and determined to get the best product in the market, there are a few things that you need to carefully consider. This detailed guide has clearly highlighted and explained each one. Take a look!

1. Consider your budget?
Of course, before you think of anything else, you should clearly set your price. Below are some of the suitable cost options we’ve come across.

Dolls in this range a often used on comedy shows or at other events like stag parties. They are made from latex or vinyl and have a cheap, rough texture, not at all realistic, however, they are easy to store in small spaces.

In many cases, they are purchased as simple gag gifts with crudely shaped features that make them ideal sex toys. You may get some of these with a functioning mouth or vagina and they are very light weight for easy manuevering, but most importantly, they are cheap and probably wouldn’t be a stratifying experience for you.

2. Consider the sex doll material
Like we’ve previously mentioned, the two types of robot sex doll that have hit the market by the storm are the silicone and thermoplastic Elastomer (commonly known as TPE). Other materials include CyberSkin and latex. Now, both Silicone and TPE have their pros and cons and to compare the two will require an entire article.

Therefore, to keep things simple, you need to understand the key benefits of using TPE over Silicone are that they are both soft and cheap. So, if you’re one of those people who loves a soft-bodied doll, then TPE is your choice.

Silicone, on the other hand, has it’s a share of advantages; it is very heat resistant and much more durable than TPE material. Lastly, we have found the skin of these silicone sex dolls to be more realistic and noticeable.

3. Consider the Size&Weight
You should carefully match the weight and size of the doll you wish to buy to your physical capabilities. As was stated earlier, the miniature dolls (petite sex dolls) are very easy to store and manipulate compared to the life-sized dolls that weigh in the range of 40KG or 90 pounds and require significant strength to lift or move them.

If you are buying a doll for the first time, you may want to select a doll in the 30kg to 40kg range. They are comfortable and highly realistic, especially for a first-time doll buyer.”

What’s more, you need to ask yourself how do you intend to store it? Dolls of fewer than 100cm are easier to store and hide. Therefore, if you have a limited storage space, it’s better to go for the mini sex doll. But if you have sufficient room to keep your doll or if you want it with you in bed all the time, then the full-sized ones are the best!

4. Consider the appearance of your ideal sex doll
What kind of lady would you want to ‘take to bed’? Is it one with large boobs or a ‘tight’ looking ass? How about the girl with a curvy body? Are you also looking for a black or Japanese woman?

Luckily today, typing simple phrases like ‘round ass love doll’ or ‘male sex doll’ on Google will help you find a host of incredible selections. Besides, a lot of love doll websites like today provide improved sex doll services. You only need to show them a picture of the ‘girl’ you’re searching for or give them a few specifications and they will build you one.


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